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Veronika, Marketing Consultant & Business Strategist

I started working with Melanie when I was in a transition from a full-time employee to starting my own business. She gave me a needed structure and a chance to track my progress. Her warm and calm attitude created a space for an honest discussion. I will recommend her to anyone, who wants to dive into a personal or professional transformation, where consistent, encouraging and positive support is needed.

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Stephanie, Project Manager & IT Consultant

 I encourage everyone who is looking for a change or a boost in their professional or personal projects to try coaching. Only after a few sessions with Melanie, I experienced great breakthroughs about myself and the things I wanted to achieve. Not only did she help me step by step to land a great job but I also discovered many things about myself and whom I'm just by answering all of her questions. She helped me see the positives and find the strength and answers that lied already within me to take the steps necessary for my goals. Melanie is kind and makes you feel comfortable from the very beginning. I will for sure continue working with Melanie and I'm really excited to see what else I can discover about myself through this great journey. 

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Neena, Talent Management Specialist

I would like to commend Melanie for being such a good listener, providing constructive feedback, and giving me the best professional guidance which I still practice every day. Although Melanie is unfamiliar with my working environment, she was able to comprehend the challenges I experience, and then reason around each scenario. Melanie’s approach to coaching was admirable, she gave great practical guidance, and she allowed me to formulate my own solutions to the challenges I was facing. Her calm demeanour, humble and friendly personality makes it easy for you to trust and respect her throughout the process.


Elena, Leadership Coach

 Working with Melanie was very comfortable. She sensed that what I needed the most was the space to think. She gave it to me. And alongside it, she picked up the moments when I was not 100% honest with myself and challenged me around those. As a result, I progressed towards the goal I initially wanted to address, but not only. I learned how to plan my priorities in a more creative way, taking into account my psychological preferences. This learning is very sustainable and I know I will be referring back to it every time I face similar challenges – this is the biggest impact of coaching with Melanie for me – a sustainable change she helped me to create!

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Adeteju, IT Consultant & Tech Manager 

With no previous coaching experience, I commenced the sessions with doubts about the possible benefits. However, the sessions I had with Melanie were pleasant and very helpful. Melanie asked the right questions that helped me uncover the hidden value and answers I was searching for.  She helped me realise that I had the solution to the question within and all I had to do was take that time out to reflect and bring those hidden assets and skills to light.  I describe my sessions with her as "uncovering the gem in my cellar" and highly recommend any professional to take out the time to reflect on the present and future while working closely with a coach like Melanie.

Thank you, Melanie, for helping me understand the value a "coach" brings :).


Soizic, Senior Project Leader

I was very excited to start working with Melanie. She gave me the impression of professionalism and trust. Melanie is a coach I would definitely recommend to my friends. If you are looking for a kindly challenging and very action-driven coach, Melanie is your coach

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Ronell, PR Communications Specialist

I was in need of a coach or at least some guidance on a way forward because I was not managing my personal and career challenges very well. This was new territory for me because I am generally in control of the important things in my life.  Melanie helped me to gain a new perspective and I needed an objective mind to help me process what I was feeling and faced with. She helped me to realize how much I was able to work through and not get stuck in the muddiness of life due to the pandemic. That I need to focus on the things I can and allow the rest to fall where its meant to.  I look forward to working with Mel in the future. I believe everyone needs a coach to support their journey and help them gain a new perspective on what they are facing. 


Lamin, KYC Agent Fintech

Before the coaching sessions, I had lots of self-doubts, didn't quite believe in my ideas, and felt a lack of motivation. But now I understand that sometimes, taking action is all I need. Another important thing I learned is to keep working hard towards what I believe. Having the opportunity to open up to someone was a great experience. Melanie is a very good listener and an excellent motivator. Melanie's coaching will keep contributing along the way of my career development.

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Lené, Senior Instructional Designer

Working with Melanie was my first experience with coaching, and I'm so glad I did it. Melanie helped me grow my confidence and through our work together I now approach situations that are outside of my comfort zone with curiosity rather than fear. This has made a huge difference in my professional and personal life. She did an excellent job of introducing frameworks and concepts I could use to help me set goals and understand the challenges I face, while also letting me talk through situations until I reached that aha! moment. Coaching is a great investment in yourself, and I highly recommend taking the journey with Melanie. 

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